Our Musical Mondays at Maxine’s Hideaway

8 09 2009


We’ve now completed our first month at Maxine’s Hideaway. For those of you who are unaware we’ve been hosting weekly cabarets at Maxine’s Hideaway for the past month, and we’ll continue to do so. Every week has a different theme – but the idea is always the same. A night of musical theatre where everyone is invited.

Our first week, the cast of Rent performed songs NOT from the show. It started off for a small, but extremely appreciative audience. Every month we’re hoping to highlight the cast of a show in the Lower Mainland at that time – so hopefully other casts will come out of the woodwork!

Next up we did our “featuring five” cabaret – this is one we’ll do every month 10423_135910917014_529067014_3037609_1986161_nas well. Programmed by our Artistic Director – Ryan Mooney – this evening featured five performers from the Lower Mainland each doing mini-cabarets. Featured in our first month were10423_135910552014_529067014_3037591_657218_n Lexy Campbell, Chris King, Brent Dawes, Cathy Wilmot and Nick Fontaine. The event was peppered with stories about the songs they had chosen, and it was a really special evening for everyone there.

Our third week had a theme of “Musicals from the Last 10 Years” and featured songs from Wicked, Avenue Q, High Fidelity and many others – we had over 15 performers that week!

10423_135910617014_529067014_3037595_2048116_nFinally tonight was a free for all – musical theatre karaoke with live accompaniment if you will. Books were shared and people sang duets and solos galore.

If you’re looking for something to do on Monday nights – we highly suggest checking out our Musical Monday cabarets at Maxine’s Hideaway. Doors open at 6 for dinner & drinks and the show starts around 8. If you have any ideas of themes – make sure you let us know! Also – if you’d like to sing, just e-mail us at fightingchanceproductions@gmail.com – we’re always looking for new talent – and especially people who love musicals. We’re hoping to expand the roster – as well as the evenings.




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